Liliana Stoica is a Romanian designer, whose passion for wood has transformed into art. Together with her father, she creates incredible original pieces using wood in ways you might not have imagined before.

Deco Box is her brand and it is defined by the belief we should live “Life in bold colors!”. I believe we’ll be hearing more about her from now on. You can’t really come across her work and not remember it. My favorite piece in her collection is this one:


The Deco Box collection includes wall art, wall clocks and art-deco objects, all made out of wood, shaped beautifully and in vibrant colors.  They make great home or office décor, and should make someone very happy to receive one as a gift.

Because words can’t describe her work better than images, I leave you to enjoy my selection of Deco Box pieces:

Photos: Deco Box

Discover the entire collection here and here.

Buy your Deco Box product and get it shipped wherever you are.

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