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    There are 2 questions that I hear constantly these days: „Where will you party on New Year’s Eve?” and „What will you be wearing?”. If Christmas is most likely spend in a cozy atmosphere with family, New Year is all about party and glam style.

    I decided to show you some options that I’ve found interesting for the first party of 2015.

    Because yesterday I’ve presented you the work of some very talented Romanian designers, I thought I should extend that to the fashion Ro designers and see what we can find in their stores.

    I focused on dresses because I think it’s the first option for most of us. The styles I’ve chosen are quite different, because you are all different and you’ll be partying in different places.

    PARLOR   Mirela Diaconu   Rhea Costa   Rozalia Bot   Andreea Raicu   PNK casual   Carmencita

    Cristina Savulescu Femme & Bordel Collections

    e1e18680e93eac9bbb89ffa5869c158eNew Year’s Eve is the perfect occasion to wear sequins… go as far as you want, from just a detail to the whole dress; you can’t go wrong this time. Almost everything is aloud on this particular night, so if you want to shine, why not shine like a star.

    So, my dear darlings, where will you be on New Year’s Eve? & what are you going to wear?

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