Get into the Holiday spirit!

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    A lot of fashion brands release a winter collection  this time of year, but the ones that give me a laugh are those who write on their websites “It’s winter!”. I KNOW it’s winter! I’m freezing already! It’s not like I expect them to sell summer clothes now. We get it…we feel the winter and we know we will find coats and gloves and winter stuff in there.

    Winter is definitely not my favorite season, because I’m always, but always cold. It doesn’t matter how many clothes I have on me, there’s for sure a part of my body that is cold. Don’t try to understand it, you can’t. But, I do love winter clothes. Because they do their best to keep me warm and I have to appreciate them for trying.

    There’s a particular style of winter clothes (that I know my husband really likes) that just “smell” like winter, annnnd Christmas, annnnd winter sports, annnnd mountain cottages with big fireplaces and hot wine with cinnamon. Now that you got the picture, here they are:

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    Photos: Pinterest

    It can’t get more “winterish” than this…or maybe it can, but let’s just leave it like this 🙂

    They make you look fun in a way, relaxed in another and more into the Holiday spirit than others. The good thing is that you can find them now more than ever in fashion stores, and not just in the children’s departments. Yey!

    So, for those of you searching the “winter” look for a cozy Christmas, here is where you can find some options.

    Stradivarius   Bershka   H&M    H&M socks  Nordstrom

    If a dress or a sweater may have  too much winter pattern going on, choose at least pair of socks for a small infusion of Holiday spirit… No one will see them, but you’ll know you have it in you.

    Style Advice!    Pair them with simple clothes.

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