Black + pop of color + accessories = my power style

In winter, there is one style that I really love to wear: the black style. 🙂 That translates into lots of black clothes, usually combined with grey or pops of color.  If spring-summer inspires me to wear nudes and colorful outfits, well, winter feels perfect for my black outfits. Even if sometimes I love an all black outfit, most of the times I try to mix it with a little bit of color.

The outfit that I want to show you is one of my favorite casual ones, because I kind of wear all my favorite pieces:

  • black leather pants – a touch of sexiness never hurt anyone
  • white loose shirt – very versatile, I wear it a lot
  • fuchsia cardigan – since this is the color that really gives me energy and makes me feel great
  • black coat.

gia casual style

Gia_black_color_style Gia_style

All of these items are affordable and easy to find in stores worldwide. But, what I really believe defines my style is the use of accessories. The only reason I ever decided to manufacture my own accessories is because I wanted to use even more and I wanted to make them my way. Don’t think I don’t wear accessories from other brands, because I do, as I can’t manufacture everything I want. I really believe in the power of accessories, so if I would ever define my style I would say: casual with a twist. In other words, simple versatile clothes that I usually accessorize.

So, the main pieces of my outfit are pretty simple: black and white with a pop of color. It’s really a safe choice for everyone. To this simple outfit I added a black leather statement necklace made by me, a metal belt, the new boots accessory, a black brooch and my orange bag.

If my coat would have been closed, and you would only see black, the bag would still draw your attention…


Many stylists use a sort of a rule that makes any outfit an interesting outfit: the most simple outfit, like white T-shirt and jeans, will suddenly become cool by adding only 1 bold accessory. Bold can be defined by style or by color, or even better by both.

5 things I want you to remember after reading my article:

  1. Use accessories….they are cheap and can transform anything into something
  2. A pop of color is always a good idea
  3. Play with textures. If you’re going for all black, at least use different fabrics, like leather, cotton, wool.
  4. Play with different lengths or volumes. Long shirt – short cardigan; slim pants – loose shirt, etc.
  5. Only wear what you love…

Pants: Bershka;  Shirt: Mango; Cardigan: H&M;  Coat: Etic; Bag: Musette


Photos: Sebastian Bacioiu Photography

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