From a Don to a Dona

    Every fashion stylist knows a man’s wardrobe is a real treasure for any woman. For so many years we borrow the man’s clothes to create interesting outfits, from man inspired outfits but restyled and adjusted to fit a woman’s body, to actually using his clothes as they are. And why not? They are right there, in the closet next to yours. 🙂 It’s just another way to expand your wardrobe, the budget is not affected in any way, and even better, his clothes are not using your closet space, jam-packed with yours. This ‘man inspired’ trend has extended to shoes, bags, hats and other accessories. What can I say, we love to borrow 🙂

    uma-donpapillon cover bowtie

    Photo source: Harper’s Bazaar Australia

    This spring, 2 designers have understand that and extended their wood bows collection for men to a wood bowties collection for us girls. I discovered them more than a year ago, and I loved their products and the story behind it. Remember Don Papillon? I told you about them at that time, my husband proudly wears a Don as it is proudly made in Romania, from precious woods.

    Don papillon men women flower

     “Out of respect for nature, this brand fully recovers  noble woods –  coming from controlled forests in Africa, America and Asia – used in the furniture industry and interior design. It’s a successful combination of craftsmanship and ingenuity: each bow tie is sanded, oiled, engraved and sewed over more than 10 hours of handwork. The work team includes people with disabilities, very devoted to their work.”

    Because last year, more and more women fell in love with these special bowties and wanted one for themselves, the 2 guys behind Don Papillon decided it is now time for Don to meet its Dona, a smaller and a more delicate version of itself.

    The new collection Don Papillon Woman, has a slightly exotic touch that combines elegance with modernity and the old with the new in a unique style.

    They work perfect with a tweed jacket, a wool vest, a plain or plaid shirt.  They can be worn with a classic or a casual outfit, but no matter your choice, these bowties will freshen your look and make you memorable…because, let’s admit it, a woman with a wood bowtie cannot go unnoticed.

    So girls, if you too like these man inspired accessories, you have to know that the entire collection will be officially launched this weekend (February 27-28th), at the Dichisar Fair, in Bucharest.

    If you want to surprise your man, you can go for a matchy – matchy look with a Don for him and a Dona for you. It should be fun and a perfect Kodak moment. 🙂


    Photos: Courtesy of Don Papillon

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