3 things you need to do to ‘always have something to wear’

    You know those mornings when you’re starring at your closet with despair, knowing that if you’ll stare one more minute you’re going to be late? Those mornings when you see your closet full and you literally have no idea what to put on? Yes, I know them too. I’ve had my share, and I must admit that it still happens sometimes.

    wardrobe-detox-2Every time it happens, my husband catches me in my underwear, looking at a full closet and doing nothing. Of course he is already dressed and ready to go.  He looks at me and asks: “What are you doing? Why aren’t you getting dressed?” And my response always is: “I’m thinking what to put on me” (obviously annoyed by the question :)). Even if I know all these things about what goes with what, style tips, closet organization etc,  it still happens, because I brake my own rules.

    There are 3 things you need to do to stay away from those stressful crazy moments when obviously, “you don’t have anything to wear” :)…

    1. Wardrobe Detox – a fancy name for getting rid of anything you don’t like, wear, doesn’t fit or looks more like a rag than a piece of clothing.  Do that twice per year and like that you’ll know exactly what clothes you have and most importantly, what you need.
    2. Now and then, when you have some spare time, play dress-up – that will help you discover what looks good on you or what works with what,  so when you’ll open the closet you’ll know exactly what to pick.
    3. Don’t choose your outfit in the morning… do it the night before. If you manage to do this, your outfit won’t ever be the reason for your being late… you’re left with traffic, kids, make-up, etc…we always find a good reason.

    Now, if you really want to become the master of closet & time management, decide what are you going to wear at the office a week before. In other words, during weekends, take 10 minutes (or more :P) and prepare your outfits for the next week. That, my darlings, I must recognize that I’m just not able to do.

    I started preparing my outfit for the next day  when I was in high school and my classes were starting at 7:30 in the morning…thinking about what to wear at 6 am wasn’t exactly time saving.

    I still do all that, especially when I know it’s really important to get somewhere on time, but I also have to admit that sometimes, I still look at the damn closet and feel like trying a new combination, exactly in the moment that I shouldn’t be doing that.

    Photos: juststyle.me, thestylefairy.ie



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