A shoe like no other

    There are sneakers and there is Converse. 🙂 If you’re not a fan, don’t hate me for this article, but read it anyway. I cannot consider myself a true fan, but I have to admit that these particular shoes scored some major points in my heart. Also, it must be my husband’s almost “addiction” to them that it got to me a little bit too, but I keep my stylist head on my shoulders and not fall in love too much. For my husband, there are his business classic shoes and his Converse. If he could wear Converse all the time, he would be really happy.

    Fan or not, we have to appreciate the fact that they were actually “born” in 1917, when the Converse All-Star basketball shoe was introduced. The look hasn’t change too much over the years, so I find it amazing that so many people, men & women, adults & children, from all the corners of the world, having different passions, working in different areas, are all wearing Converse. It seems like these sneakers have the perfect mix of ingredients to assure them huge success. Simple, comfortable, easy to mix, fun to wear…

    You can wear them with almost anything, but the most fun outfits are the unexpected combinations. So, for the funky look, match them with a classic business outfit, a girly dress, a wedding or a cocktail dress :)), leather sexy skinnies and jacket.

    I think that for Converse, ordinary people around the world have made the best marketing campaign ever, and these kind of pictures have transformed their sneakers into such a desirable fashion product.

    Photo source: good almighty Pinterest

    I personally own a pair of Converse, but I took them to the next level, and added shoe clips. 🙂

    Here they are, “my precious”:


    Aren’t they the sweetest?

    PS. I have a friend who thinks I’m crazy for adding bows to them but I love how they look. And guess what? They stand out from the Converse „crowd”. I could actually be the only one in the world wearing Converse with shoe clips!




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