Collections I love: Gucci ready-to-wear spring/summer2015

    I chose this collection especially because it is inspired from the 70’s (a major trend now), very wearable, with a mix of colors, fabrics, prints & cuts that I personally love.  It’s a clean collection, with the right amount of details and patterns, perfect for daily wear and with some really good business style pieces. You will find this kind of clothes in stores all over the world, so why not look at the best designers for inspiration.

    I will show you my favorite looks, and what I would like you to remember from it are the A-line dresses that end well below the knee and cover the boots line (you can still wear this in autumn), the flare pants, the shirt dress, the shorts not too short and the color palette. It is a very lady like style, but modern, a little bit funky, and without showing too much skin, which makes it perfect for work.

    Photos: Gucci



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