Being fashionable means being conscious

    Lately, the fashion industry received a lot of complaints on work conditions, wages & the real cost of fashion. Since the Bangladesh disaster in 2013, when a garment factory collapsed and killed more than 1.100 workers, this issue became of major importance. Now more than ever, the fashion industry needs to be a little less glamorous and greedy, and a little bit more conscious and generous.

    Today, there are companies who understood that changes have to be made, and among them is H&M. I’ve always appreciated H&M for being able to offer fashionable items at affordable prices, and of course I shop at their stores quite often. As a former designer, I understand the production process better than others and also the challenges you have to deal with when trying to keep a balance between costs and retail prices. Now, I appreciate H&M even more.

    Last month, H&M was named the 2015 World’s Most Ethical Company, by the Ethisphere Institute, the global leader in defining and advancing the standards of ethical business practices. I guess even more people will want to work at H&M :)) , as they have just proven you can make „fashion sustainable and sustainability fashionable”.  All you have to do is care enough to make the necessary changes and understand that you may need to lose something in order  to gain a lot more. H&M is the biggest user of organic cotton in the world and they have taken consciousness to the next level by launching Conscious Exclusive Collection.


    [quote_left]„Looking good should do good too”[/quote_left] is what H&M Conscious is all about; a promise to bring more affordable fashion choices that are good for people and the planet. I guess the future of fashion does sound good if we look at H&M and it makes me hope that if they can, other companies could do too.

    Today is the launch of the Conscious Exclusive SS 2015 Collection in H&M stores worldwide and on The collection is presented by actress Olivia Wilde, inspired by African prints, Japanese & Western cuts, focuses especially on dresses and uses also recycled materials. The pictures speak for themselves, so let’s take a look at the collection.

    Photo source: H&M

    As the first steps to a conscious fashion have been made, we can only hope that more will follow and this world will finally understand that you can do good while looking good.




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