Hand knitted home deco

    I’ve always been a fan of knitted home accessories, especially cushions & blankets. I have them both in my home, because they make such a warm & comfy atmosphere. Over the years, I have seen all kinds of different knitted objects, including boxes, carpets, poufs, etc., but I’ve never met anyone who would make them by hand and in a very professional way. In a world where everything has been industrialized, it feels so good to know there are still people that with talent & passion are keen to keep the old manufacture techniques alive and more important, to take them to the next level.  Such a talent is Cristina Danescu (“Linii de lana”).

    Cristina does her knitting in her spare time, and what started as a hobby is slowly turning into a business. Her friends encouraged her to show her work on Facebook, and here is where you’ll find her latest products or inspiration for future creations.

    As she told me herself, “anything you’ll see on my Fb page I’ve done it already or I can do it”.  This is the kind of work she wants to achieve in the near future:


    So, dears, if you are in the mood for some knitted home accessories or clothes, if you have an idea that involves crochet and you would like to have it made, follow Cristina on her page and I’m sure she would be more than happy to make it come alive. We will  follow her evolution as we are sure that when you put all your heart, beautiful things happen. And she does…



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