If there are readers of my blog that don’t know until now that I also design shoe clips (detachable accessories for shoes and more) and colored leather necklaces, it means I didn’t praised them enough. 🙂

Everything that I design is available here, on the SASHaccessories shop.

I hope you’ll like the “Leather Statement” necklaces made from genuine leather, as they were made for those of you who dare to stand out. The leather will show the sexy part of you, but in a way that is chic & ladylike. Use them with simple pieces of clothing to maximise the effect.

Another necklace that I consistently wear is the Multiple Grey one. I just love how I can mix it with pretty much everything. For those of you in love with colors, I’ve made a few coloured ones, and if you can’t find the perfect one for you, just choose a color that you like and I’ll make one especially for you.

gia_multiple grey

If you haven’t heard of shoe clips by now, I’ll explain in a few words. A few years back I discovered how cool it is to be able to change the way your shoes look with a simple accessory. Now, I have a large collection of shoe clips that I use all the time. I will show you soon in how many different ways you can use your shoe clips and how simple it is to transform a casual shoe into an evening one. You can also wear it as a brooch, by simply attach a special brooch system, that you’ll receive with every pair of shoe clips.

Brides, you haven’t been forgotten, so check out the shoe clips Bridal Collection. Now, you can wear your shoes and after the wedding. There are more and more brides who choose a coloured shoe for the wedding and accessorise it with a shoe clips in the color of the dress. Fun and smart!

Because Christmas is coming soon and I know you have lots of presents to buy, I prepared 3 special offers, available from December 9th  to December 21st 2015,  so you can choose the one you find more advantageous.

oferta clipsuri sash

-15% when ordering a minimum of 2 pairs of shoe clips
oferta clips si colier sash-15% when ordering any leather necklace + any shoe clips
oferta coliere sash

-30% when ordering a minimum of 2 necklaces

Hope you like them and wear them!


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