A few days ago I was looking at the Dolce & Gabanna AW collection on their website. I’m no fan of a particular brand (except for Elie Saab), as I think sometimes a designer manages to pull of a splendid collection and sometimes even the biggest names in the industry fail and lack inspiration. Every season there are pieces I love, collections that I find interesting, ideas and elements that inspire me. There’s rarely a collection that I love like 90%, but I find this one from D&G really charming.

First of all, there are several ideas in this collection, so there’s something for everyone.

Mediterranean majolica ceramics are the inspiration behind this incredible print, and for me they are more suitable for the next spring-summer season…

A little bit of embroidery for the romantic type and the sexy vixen, so no one should feel left out…

The rose is the heart of the collection, as we saw it on the runway and I love every single rose dress. So, embrace roses this autumn, as D&G just showed us how we could wear floral prints in autumn.

A little bit of autumn’s finest with just a drop of spring infusion: black-white-grey-red-green, tweed, wool, cashmere, velvet, leopard and floral prints…Really, what more we can ask from a single collection?

So my dears, for this autumn, keep in mind a very lady-like look with floral prints (on a darker base), lace and animal print accents. To me, this collection is a celebration of our femininity so at least every now and then we should leave the jeans and the sneakers in the closet and put on a dress that says “Look at me, I’m beautiful, powerful and I’m happy to be me!”.

PS. Surprisingly, there’s more to this collection than what I just showed you, so you can see every single piece here.

Photos: dolcegabanna.com

Have a beautiful day Divas,


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