No matter your plans, your child will know how to change them…

You know I had a few weeks of working like crazy for the new SASHaccessories website.  As I was trying to finish the website and deal with my other projects, I felt the day just wasn’t long enough.

So, what did I do: I planned to wake up earlier every day as every hour counted…

First day, at around 7 AM I was already working and I was feeling very proud of my accomplishment. I am not a morning person and if I’m awake at that hour I’m grumpy and a little zombie. I thought I would have at least 1 hour to work until my daughter wakes up, as she used to do that at around 8:20 every day. Well, I was so wrong! At 7:45 she was up! I looked at the baby monitor and could not believe it…and I struggled so much to not make a noise…

Day 2, I woke up even earlier. At 6:30 AM I was working & I wanted to kiss myself for doing that. At 7:15 Erica was up. Really?! I looked at the baby monitor even more amazed than a day before. How in the world she can wake an hour earlier than her usual in the very moment I needed her to sleep more?!

This girl has such a talent to ruin my plans :). So, I didn’t get enough sleep and I didn’t do the work I planned. It felt like a bad joke, but I realised it was taking her 50 minutes to somehow “feel” me until she would wake up.

Day 3, frustrated by the previous days, I set the alarm clock even earlier. I was starting to get curious if she would wake up earlier too. I mean, how early can she wake up, anyway?! She wakes up 10 minutes before the alarm set at 6 and she calls me to her room. I stop the alarm and I go to her thinking  that she will fall asleep and I will go work after. :)) I lay down next to her, and guess what: I fall asleep too. We both woke up at 8:30 that day!

So, that was it: if I sleep, she sleeps, if I’m awake, she gets up too. So I stopped getting up earlier as I felt I wasn’t gaining too much. Maybe it was her way of telling me to relax and sleep. Maybe the umbilical cord is still there even if  we can’t see it. I know now that we are somehow connected at a level that I cant’t even understand, that I feel her and she feels me. Those 3 days are the proof that no matter what I do, where I am, even at an unconscious level she wants to be with me. This relationship is a miracle and I discover new things about it every day that prove the powerful connection we have with our kids…. and the fact that they are really  talented at ruining plans! :))

 PS. I woke up earlier today to write this article and every time she shifted in her bed and looked like she was going to wake up I prayed she would sleep until I’m done. And she did. :))) Amazing!

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