There is something about the glam style that attracts us. You may not choose to wear a dress like that, maybe it’s too theatrical for you, maybe it feels too modern, but we all have to admit that it’s really special. For those of you who crave for the wow factor, here are some dresses that look like they have just stepped down from the runway.

Photos: Natalia Vasiliev

The glam style is perfect for the daring bride, and in order to pull it off, you really need to love it, be comfortable in it and wear it with the right attitude. The more design elements it has, the bigger they are,  the less suitable it is for a tiny bride.

Natalia Vasiliev (Romanian designer) creates such glam dresses; her 2015 collection is quite amazing & full of details. I can’t decide which one I like more as they all seem to be  part of a fairytale.  To order one of her creations, just go to her website, where you will discover even more amazing dresses.

Hope you’ll find yours,


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