Never a failure, always a lesson

As I’m sure you know by now, yesterday was the day of the Digital Divas Conference by AVON and the Digital Divas Awards, celebrating the best fashion and beauty blogs.  theUrbanDiva didn’t won yesterday, but I will be there for sure next year, aiming for the same award. And a year matters a lot in the development of any project, so I’m sure that theUrbanDiva will be bigger and better next year. I went there with an open heart, knowing that the whole experience will not disappoint me, no matter if I would win or not. And it didn’t. I’m not going to lie and say winning is not important, but I haven’t lost anything for sure. Just being there, among the best names in the business, is an accomplishment and a wonderful experience.

Gia_nunta Laura-8

I may not have won the award I wanted, but I’ve definitely gained a lot of knowledge from the speakers invited, I’ve learned some lessons from their success, lessons that will serve me well during next year.


Chris Simion (Director & Writer)

Even though there was something to learn from every speaker, I really loved Adam Katz Sinding (Le21eme) for being truthfully and natural, despite his international fame, for believing in his way of seeing and doing things, for having the courage to stick to them and be different all the way.

An emotional presentation was the one of Alex Gavan (professional mountaineer and photographer), who managed to escape alive from the recently Nepal earthquake and the avalanche which followed. But about this I will tell you in my next post, as I feel it is my duty to dedicate a special article for it.


The funniest speach was delivered by Dana Rogoz, whose presence made everyone laugh, feel good and enjoy the story and evolution of her blog, a blog as authentic as Dana.

Each successful story had a lot of passion behind it, a never stopping desire to be better, to learn more, even from mistakes. As one of my mantras in life is “Never a failure, always a lesson” (Rihanna said that, but she said it so well), I consider last night an experience, a good one, and as I’ve learned from the speakers, the road to success is paved with lots of  “lessons”, passion and hard work.



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