Sometimes, the Universe knows better

Maybe you’ve noticed my absence last week. I’ve been away on vacation with my daughter and husband. Usually I make sure you can still have something interesting to read while I’m away, but this time I couldn’t. I took my laptop with me being sure that I would be able to post something from there, like I did before. Well, there was no wireless connection, so my laptop was never opened. On one hand, I wanted a vacation, on the other hand, I felt guilty for not being able to do my job. Not even my phone internet was working properly. Is the Universe trying to tell me something?Navodari_june2015-4

If you have small children you maybe know that a vacation with your kid is not really a vacation for you. Everything revolves around your child and his/her sleeping – playing – eating schedule. Well, to make things even cuter, I was putting her to sleep at noon, hoping she’ll fall asleep fast so I can work at least a little bit. Guess what, it was taking her between 1h- 1h and a half to fall asleep!? WTF? I was falling asleep trying to make her sleep. Do you know how frustrating this is? 🙂 So, yes, you guessed it, no work what so ever. After 2 days like this, I began to wonder if maybe, just maybe, the world won’t crush if I won’t work for a few days.:))  I accepted my “defeat”, forgot about work, since it was so obvious that the Universe won’t allow me to do have it my way. And yes, maybe, my way wasn’t the right way. Maybe, sometimes, we really need to relax, forget about ‘to do’ lists, schedule, plans, as there are moments when all you need to do is stop for a while and “breathe”. Surprisingly, the world didn’t crushed while I took a break. :))

My post vacation revelations:

  1. Listen when the Universe is trying to tell you something.
  2. Stop freaking out when something is not happening your way.
  3. There are more important things happening in this world than me not working for a few days.

PS. Erica refused to let my husband take pictures of me or her. She was yelling NO NO NO every time he would take out the camera. :)) The photos you see were taken while she was yelling NO or when she wasn’t looking.


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