The power of high heels

When it comes to shoes, I just love how a high heel shoe makes me look, but for daily life I almost always choose flats. Comfort matters when you’re running around from one place to another. Nonetheless, it’s amazing how the look of an outfit can change only by changing the shoes. It goes easily from casual to casual chic and business ready.

That was the idea behind this photo shooting, as I wanted to show you how a simple loose casual outfit can be transformed into a ‘ready to conquer the world’ one. 🙂

I chose a very simple pair of pinkish-nude flats and my absolute favourite pair of shoes….these fuchsia ones.

If high heel shoes would be as comfortable as flats, I would walk in heels forever, as they do make me feel like a super woman.

collage gia 2


collage gia


Photos: Sebastian Bacioiu Photography 



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