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This last weekend was great: I turned 33, went to a baptise party at Domeniile Greaca and I had a great time at someone else’s party, and even more important, Leo DiCaprio finally won the Oscar. 🙂

33 is a cute number, but after a friend of mine said “Happy 29th birthday! You know you’re always going to be 29, right?” I kind of feel 29 years old. Definitely, 29 is sexier than 33. 🙂 Now, I don’t even look 33 really :), and every time someone says “I can’t believe you’re 33! You don’t look like a 30 something woman” I jubilate.

Now, looking good at 33 is ‘important’ I guess, but what’s more important is feeling good. Last year I wrote 32 Wisdom Street, because I felt like I wanted to write the most important lessons I learned until then. Today I decided that I’ll do this every year, and add other thoughts, so when I’m old, I will remember everything I learned in my life. So, here it is…

  1. My family is the most important and my time with them precious. My husband and I have busy schedules, and I kind of almost never stop working. Sometimes I forget to just let go to that damn “to do list” in my head and enjoy a few hours of family time with nothing else on my mind. I kind of struggle to balance everything and I rarely succeed, but in my heart they are the most important for me, they are my motivation and my greatest achievements.
  2. Staying healthy has become even more important. There are days when I feel old, and that’s not ok at 33. When you’re feeling good, you rarely think about the importance of being healthy. It’s only when you feel you’re not that ok anymore you understand how important it is to do something before it’s too late.
  3. I’m more than a mother to my child and a wife for my husband…I am ME! Before anything else, I was ME, and ME has to feel she is important and that she is well taken care of. A while ago, I had a conversation with a pediatrician and her words stuck with me: “In order for a child to be ok, the mother should be ok. Don’t forget to take time for yourself, or soon you’ll run out of energy, you’ll feel frustrated and lost, and you won’t have anything else to give to anyone.” You only understand how important you are to yourself, when you start losing yourself. Let’s not get there!
  4. Doing what you love at work is still hard work…a more pleasant one, of course! If your work is your passion, you’ll probably work even harder, because you are motivated to do the best you can to succeed at something you love so much. I’ve met lots of people passionate about their work, and they all work a lot more than others. They push themselves harder, they work longer hours, because when you’re in front of an opportunity to make a living from what you love, it’s a chance you don’t want to miss.
  5. It’s important to know and to focus on what’s important in your life…the rest is just background noise.
  6. Never a failure, always a lesson. I lived for many years with the fear of failure, from the little mistakes, to the things that I gave an undeserved importance. Time gave me wisdom, so I understood that you only fail when you give up. No matter what, do not give up on your dreams, on working hard to make they happen, on learning from every mistake you make. Not giving up is what makes champions.
  7. Always staying positive is hard… Not giving up on hope it’s much easier.
  8. We can learn anything…and even more important, an opportunity to learn something new must not be wasted. I practiced this a lot this year 🙂
  9. A smile can get you far, and being kind must be practiced every day. These are hard ones, I know :).   Honestly speaking, it’s not always easy to smile every day to every person, but it’s important to try to smile as much as you can and to find reasons to smile…they say (researchers, who else?) that smiling or laughing is like food for your soul, it makes you healthier and happier. So, practice smiling!  Now, being kind I believe is now more important than ever, teaching our kids to be kind must become a priority, as only like this we have a chance to live in a better world, a world they will build.
  10. My carrier goals are important because they are a way to prove myself that I can do it, to push myself and to discover myself. It’s important to me that my daughter feels proud of me, and that I can teach her she can do anything if she puts her mind and her heart into it. If I can make it, she can make it too.  Others climb the Everest to prove themselves that they can, my goal is a much safer one. 🙂

This will be continued….next year.

Have a beautiful Spring filled with happy moments,


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