I was asked so many times how did I start my blogging “career’ and why. I was also asked so many times why I left the wedding industry and how could I give up what for many seemed to be the perfect job.

2011 was a tough year for me, as I was working hard, almost no fun but even worst I was not feeling ok, both physically and emotionally. The stress and exhaustion were getting to me, I started to lose my motivation and my love for what I was doing. A major problem was that I wanted so badly to get pregnant and my tired body was refusing to allow it. It was really frustrated and I was very very upset. In December we bought our apartment and in January 2012 I decided that I want to take a break from designing and producing new collections, so I closed the production. I wanted to concentrate on renovating the new home, to slow down and think about what I want to do, if I want to design anymore and what. We moved in April 2012 in our new home and a week later I found out I was pregnant. 🙂 I even received a job offer, and with a few hours before giving them an answer I took the pregnancy test and I had to tell them I can’t accept the job. Destiny… In December Erica was born and 2012 is until now the greatest year of our lives. In one year, I gave up a job, moved in a new home, got pregnant and gave birth, my husband changed his job and bought a bigger car for our new family. We lived 2012 intensely and the New Year found us completely different than the ones we were at the beginning.

When my daughter was 1 year and a half, I really felt the need to start working again. I tried a few times to get a job, as I wanted to work in fashion retail and discovered that it will be hard to find a job that suited me, as it was difficult to place someone like me in a company. I felt sad and discouraged. If you ask me now I think it’s great that I did’t find a job then because I wouldn’t be here today. One day I was reading some blogs and suddenly, it hit me: I could do this, I have all sorts of things to share from my experience, I have things that I would like to talk about… Yes, I could do this!  I swear it was like in the darkest room, a light was suddenly lit. The more I thought about it the more enthusiastic I was as I was finally feeling that it’s what I should do. I felt energized as my mind was already working at full speed. If you ever felt this you know exactly what I’m talking about. It feels like everything that looked messy is somehow rearranging itself and starts showing you the right path.

When my husband came back from work that day I told him my “revelation”. His words exactly: “I think it’s a great idea. Tomorrow you should start working on this.”  He always supported all my projects and he always believed in me even when I wasn’t. Having someone to support you and to tell you he believes in you and in your ability to do amazing things is extremely important and for that I will always be grateful to him. But, no matter what, no matter if there are negative people around you, if you really feel it in you there’s something you have to try, do it.

That was it… One day and one idea that came from nothing and felt like everything. One idea that led me to this and who knows where from now on. I had no idea what is that I was supposed to do with the blog, all I knew was that I have to do it. This project gave me a purpose, energy and motivation. I wanted to do it all by myself as a challenge and an opportunity to learn new things. I wanted my blog to be my business card, to validate me, to show who I was, how I think, what I can do. I wanted to be proud of myself. And I am…and that is extremely powerful for your self-esteem.

I have ideas all the time, but the goods ones have some sort of a power I cannot ignore. I just feel it when it’s the right thing to do. Maybe because I starting listening more to my gut and to my heart…

I had an idea, but then the real work began. How should I name it, how will it look like, what’s the structure, what’s the logo, what is that I want to write about, how do I go from ideas on a paper to a real professional looking website that represents me. It took 4 months and a half of everyday work to go from an idea to the launch of theUrbanDiva.com.

For weeks I struggled to find a proper name and tried all sorts of ideas. None seemed right. One day I was looking on the SASHaccessories blog (the blog I had for my line of accessories, accessories I dropped too when I got pregnant) and there we had all the products divided by product categories and in 2 main categories by style: Urban Chic and Glamorous Diva. I knew this for years, but on that particular day, when I saw the 2 categories, the words suddenly arrange themselves in my mind …theUrbanDiva was born and finally it felt the right choice.

Sometimes, everything you need is right there in front of you, but it may need a ‘magic’ moment for you to finally see it. Sometimes everything you’ve learned in your life was only to prepare you for something you don’t even know yet, and will reveal itself at the right moment. Sometimes struggling on something is just a way the Universe is telling you to make a change. Sometimes it makes it even harder, only to push you away and guide you on the right path.  Sometimes, when all doors shut, getting in through the window might not be the best idea, and maybe stepping back a little bit to see the bigger picture is.


Photo: Sebastian Bacioiu Photography

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