“Isobel’s Wedding” by Sheila O’Flanagan

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    Not that I stop reading chick lit during colder months, but nothing compares to reading while you are on holiday, with the summer breeze in your hair and a fruit cocktail in your hand. Each summer, I have my share of cheesy novels and, truth be told, I don’t see myself ever getting bored of this type of books.

    isobels wedding nunta-lui-isobelMy first pick for this summer was Isobel’s Wedding, by Sheila O’Flanagan, the perfect book to put you in the holiday mood. Although the story may not be as cheerful in the beginning – after all, there’s nothing funny in having your engagement called off two weeks before your wedding – it continues and ends in a more optimistic way. And by optimistic I mean: “there is life after a cancelled wedding” type of story.

    Long story short (and by long I mean 600 pages long): Isobel is an Irish girl whose main purpose in life seems to be to get married and have children. Her dream is about to get true when Tim, her handsome and wealthy, but extremely busy lover proposes to her. Everything is going according to the plan: her four hundred and twenty pearls hand-sewn wedding dress is exceeding all Isobel’s expectations, the honeymoon in Rhodos is booked for months, the wedding presents keep coming, the bride is more in love with her soon-to-be husband than ever. The only problem? The future husband realizes he is not ready for such a commitment, so he cancels the wedding, with only two weeks left before the ceremony…

    Having to deal with all the rage, dissapointment, embarassment, doubts and insecurities, Isobel decides to give herself another chance and start over again, in Madrid. Here, she focuses on her new job, but also on alcohol and one-night stands. Until Tim re-appears in her life.

    I enjoyed reading Isobel’s story, despite the fact that I couldn’t relate to most of her decisions. Well written, the book grabs you and leads you through Madrid and Dublin, in a journey of self-discovery.

    Miss Valery

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