Mix it up… “Playing with styles” edition

The easiest way to create interesting looks is to mix different styles… Long story short, take an office suit and mix it with sneakers, an elegant dress and pair it with sporty shoes or denim shorts with elegant high heels, a simple t-shirt with a classic pencil skirt, leather jacket and a girlish dress, etc.

Photos above: Pinterest

…but please don’t mix jogging pants with high heels.

To master it, you need some practice, so, when you have some spare time and want to play dress up at home, just pick up clothes that you would normally wear on totally different occasions. Not all of them will look good, but some will really surprise you.

As I wanted to do this too, I chose a classic office shirt, a full faux leather skirt, both H&M, VANS sneakers and my SASHaccessories “works with everything” necklace. The same outfit with high heels would’ve given a sexy vibe, and ballet pumps would’ve made it almost office appropriate (depends on the office, of course). Add a contrasting colored handbag to maximize the effect and you’re good to go.

_mix style

Photos: Sebastian Bacioiu Photography




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