Fifty Shades of boredom

    I know you are probably fed up with all those shades of Grey everybody is talking about. First the books and now the movie. It seems that the rich, beautiful and… dominant Christian Grey is here to stay (and by “stay” I mean “turn all the innocent souls into his submissives”).


    I won’t get into details regarding the movie – all I can say is that, for me, at least, it was far more enjoyable than the book, despite its extreme low rating. I have some comments about the books, though. About the first two books, to be more precise, since I didn’t have the nerve or the patience to read the third one as well. There’s only so much (fictional) orgasms and inner goddesses that I can take, and I had my share of both, thank you very much E.L. James.



    Fifty Shades of Grey – the book stopped being funny after the first 100 pages and erotic after the first “physical encounter”. After that, it just became repetitive and boring, and what’s worst, predictable. The self-proclaimed dominant who never falls in love (nor just sleeps with someone) rapidly transforms into this clingy, defenseless boy, who can’t live without Anastasia Steele (her name is the most erotic part of the entire trilogy), who has less spine than an amoeba. This sloppy romance is the erotic novel of the century?

    923777_1346787197938_420_294The story could have been interesting, with all that “bureaucracy” (actually, the part with the contract negotiation was my favorite) and with the Red Room of Pain that proved to be, unfortunately, a secondary character. Speaking of secondary characters, there are none. Besides Ana and Christian, everyone else is just a drop meant to fill the glass, but that gets lost in all the others countless drops. Maybe this changes in the last part, but, if they don’t make it a movie, I will never find out.

    I know that I was supposed to recommend you a book, but, to my defense, Fifty Shades can barely be consider a book: it’s one common fantasy that E.L. James had the time (but not the talent) to put it on paper.

    But, if you still want to read the book, here is where you can find it:

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