The eternal lace

    I’ll tell it to you straight: this article is for the lace lovers, because why not admit it, some love the lace and some think it looks like grandma’s curtains… During my years of designing wedding and evening dresses (and using tons of lace 🙂 ) I’ve met both types, and I was always amazed by the powerful feelings that this type of fabric can reveal…

    For me, lace looks and feels beautiful, but truth be told, not all of them impress me. Since Rhea Costa just launched a small collection of lace dresses that I actually like, I thought I should show it to you too.

    I particularly liked these dresses not just for the lace, but also for the simplicity of the design, and the 2 combined make them the kind of dresses you’ll wear for years. They come in 10 colors, one more beautiful than the other. They are perfect for special events, a beautiful choice for a civil ceremony and even to get married in.

    My favorite one is THE COMFORTABLE MUSE, as it mixes a daily wear style with precious lace, which makes it even more versatile. With the right kind of accessories, you can easily wear it from day till night.





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