4 days of magic @ Untold festival

Last weekend felt magical…exhausting, but magical anyway. It felt almost surreal to be able to ‘taste’ happiness and feel it all around you. That was the true beauty of Untold Festival.

Yes, the music sounded incredible and it filled my heart with joy, the food tasted great, the entire  place was incredible, the organisation impeccable. Beyond all this was the feeling of true happiness that you could see all around you, on people’s faces. There was not even one sad face there, everyone was singing, laughing, dancing and having fun. It didn’t matter where we were from, it was only about the music and about having fun together. Every time I go to this kind of events (like this one I’ve already told you about) I’m deeply moved by the people, about how much a music event like this one can bring people close and about how less important everything else feels right then.  There were more than 200.000 people there from all over the world, 4 days of festival, a lot of alcohol and I haven’t seen even one incident. When there is happiness, there’s no room for wickedness…

IMG_1749The show on stage was great, I danced more than my ‘age’ and body allowed me to, but I did not feel it…(at least until it was all over) 🙂 You can’t even imagine how amazing it was, you have to feel it yourself to understand. There was such a positive energy flowing through everyone, that you can’t really be there and not feel it… that much that it made Armin van Buuren get emotional and shed a few tears.

In another train of thoughts, I wanted to tell you a little bit about the outfits of the girls at the festival.

I was happy to see that the majority were dressed to the occasion, with comfy shoes and cool outfits. It felt like Converse was  the official shoe of the festival, but others chose short boots or sandals. Of course there were a few ladies for which a concert is the perfect occasion to wear high heels, something that I will never understand, since it’s hard to stay in flats for so many hours…maybe they have super powers or super legs 🙂

The weather played a trick on us, since the majority came with summer clothes but the evening was quite cold. So, all my summer clothes never made it to the festival…but it wasn’t really important anymore.

This kind of events are not about showing off, but more about feeling good and feeding your soul with happy moments. The things you do for your soul are like happy pills, and it’s so important to really BE there, and taste, feel, observe and take it all with you.

Thank you Cluj for having us, since everyone had such a lovely time there. I’m sad that it’s over, but it feels so good to know that we’ll meet again.

Photos: our own & Untold Festival official page

PS: watch the videos of the four days on the official FB page of Untold to understand more of how magical it was.

See you all next year,


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