Surviving your wedding – Chapter 9. Everybody loves a good meal…

    When it comes to deciding on the food for the wedding reception, personal taste and traditions matter the most, so I won’t get into too much detail. There are only 2 things that I want you to keep in mind when you’re debating on the menu issue:

    1. The menu must have something for every taste, in other words, everyone must feel that he/she has been taken into consideration. If there are vegetarians among your guests, prepare special menus for them too.

    2. You have to let about 2:00 hours between dishes, for obvious reasons….

    Now, about sweets…You can make a candy bar with whatever kind of sweets you want, a chocolate fountain, etc. Keep in mind the theme of the wedding and the place of the reception and incorporate it in your candy bar too.

    When you decide on the cake, here is my advice:

    1. Think of your personal taste, but also try to use flavours that a majority of people enjoy. Don’t go for a all chocolate cake… it’s heavy and surprisingly, not everybody loves chocolate. Besides that, your guests will have to eat it after 3 main courses and a few hours of dancing… keep it light if you care about their health 🙂
    2. When deciding for how many people it should be, take into consideration that by the time  the cake will be served, about 20% of your guests will be gone already. Also, it would be nice that the design of the cake to match the whole theme or the color palette of the wedding.

    Will discuss more about wedding cakes in the future, but until then…

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