Surviving your wedding – Chapter 8. Dance me till the end of time

    Your first dance at the wedding is a special moment for both of you and for your guests too. The more mistakes you’ll make, more fun they’ll have. 🙂 Usually this first dance is important for you and your groom (but mostly to you), so I’m sure you don’t want to make a fool of yourselves just to entertain the guests… unless you planned just that. Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 17.06.56


    When I got married, my husband and I chose a song that we both loved very much: the theme song from “Beauty and the Beast” (Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson), as we are big Disney fans. The style was a waltz, and our dance teacher chose a choreography suited for our dance skills. Not too simple, but not too complicated either. It is important that the dance teacher takes into consideration your own dance abilities, not just as individuals, but as a couple as well. This dance must be a pleasure, as it is your first dance as husband and wife, and should not cause panic and stress for none of you. In the end, it’s just a dance, not a school test you haven’t study for.

    dancing heart

    To make it a little bit funnier for the guests, my husband wore a mask at the beginning of the dance, that I took off at some point, to symbolize the Beast’s transformation into Prince charming. We wanted to use an actual Beast’s mask, but as we couldn’t find what we wanted,we chose a kind of Zorro mask. So, he was more like a sexy “Zorro – Beast” but it worked anyway and it was even funnier like that.  The dance wasn’t perfect and the big puffy dress didn’t help, but we loved it and everyone loved it too. And no, I wasn’t stressed at all.

    first dance

    TIP: If you’re feeling stressed about the fact that everyone is watching, look only into your husband’s eyes. He is the only one that matters, so relax and let him guide you. Even if you make a mistake and miss a move, it doesn’t matter, no one really knows the choreography except you two.

    After you chose a dance that you both like, I recommend you  take dance lessons. For us it was fun, it helped a lot and it gave us a lot of good energy. The trick is not to push yourself too much and not push the partner into doing something that he/she can’t do. I’ve seen couples getting nervous on one another because they couldn’t dance like they wanted to, and it felt like they were preparing for a professional dance contest, and not their wedding. It takes two to dance, but it also takes two to make a marriage work. So respect your partner and his wishes too.

    My Advice: Dance at least once in a full skirt and at the place of the reception.  It really helps to get a feeling of the space .

    Enjoy the moment, as it will only be ONE first dance…


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