So, he finally popped the big question and you are incredibly happy…Now, the craziness begins! …and take it from me, it will get crazy.

I’ve once heard somebody saying: “weddings get the best and the worst out of you“ 🙂 There is a little bit of truth in those words…

I’ve been there, done that, and as you already know if you read my about page, I dealt with weddings and brides for around 10 years. So, I’m ready to guide you through the next incredible period of your life, so you can enjoy it, and not start hating it.   I will make a series of posts under this theme, in which I’ll share tips & tricks, some from my own wedding experience. Hope you’ll find it helpful…

Lesson No 1. Don’t start planning the next day

If time is on your side, don’t start planning just yet. Give yourself a moment to take this all in, think of your future with him, and decide if he’s really the one 🙂 .   Your family will jump of joy and will want to dive right in the planning, but you can just tell them you won’t be planning anything for at least 2-3 weeks.  During this time, start searching the internet for ideas. Look at different wedding dresses, flower arrangements, accessories and anything you might want at your wedding. Save them in different folders on your computer.  Do this with no pressure; you don’t have to make any choices at this point.

Why is this step important?

You’ll see that, after a while, when you look at the pictures you’ve saved, there are just a few dresses that you really like,  a certain style that you keep saving, a certain color that appeals to you, etc.

This is a good way to create an image of your style, and later it will be so much easier to choose the right one.

See you at lesson no.2.

Pictures: Pinterest & my own wedding

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