A new collection of jeans that celebrate all silhouettes

    The new DENIM collection from C&A is already in stores by now. If you’re wondering what’s so special about these particular jeans, well, it’s the fact that it offers cuts, measures and styles for all types of figures and that it has been certified by Alvanon, expert in global patterns and cuts.

    It’s quite interesting to know that a company is actually taking the time and the resources to study different body types, from all around the world, and create a collection that promises a perfect pair of jeans for every woman. Cool, isn’t it? Now, it’s no longer about you “getting in” a pair of jeans, it’s about  jeans adapting perfectly to your body, no matter the silhouette.

    This way of making fashion celebrates all body types, and in my opinion it’s the right way to do it. Hopefully, more companies will take into consideration the particularities of all body types and create collections that bring out the best of each one of us. It’s pretty much the whole point of fashion, otherwise we wouldn’t love it so much…

    Another reason to take a closer look to this DENIM collection is that it covers quite a lot of styles & cuts. Among them –   THE SKINNY, THE SUPER SKINNY, THE BOYFRIEND, THE BOOTCUT, THE SLIM, THE STRAIGHT , THE SKINNY with PUSH UP , THE SKINNY with KNITTED DENIM  or THE STRAIGHT with COMFORT WAIST .

    To make an idea of what you might find in their stores, take a look here:

    Hope you’ll find your perfect pair of jeans,


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