SAFE is dead, LUCK is our friend, HOPE makes us live today

I didn’t want to write this article. I wanted to start this week with an article about my usual topics. I couldn’t. I couldn’t find the right words, as I felt empty.

So, here I am, writing about the #Colectiv tragedy, so I can somehow pass over these few days and go on. I’m not going to write about my rage, about blame, hate, about why and how was it possible, about how they should pay for this, about what should have been done and wasn’t. By now, we all know the answers. I’ve read these days so many opinions, so many posts from people who lived it, people who lost someone or others who felt the need to say, scream, shout what they felt as they could no longer keep quiet. My tears felt, my heart was in pain, my mind shouted, my mouth kept quiet.  I agree with so many, so I don’t feel the need to write the same things, but I invite you to read and draw your own conclusions. (just use #colectiv and read)

But this is what I wanted to write about:

I’m lucky. No one that I love or care about was there, but I have friends who lost friends, or others lying on hospital beds, as we all pray for miracles. I have friends who were supposed to be there, and by a twist of faith they couldn’t make it. They were lucky too, and now I know that the only thing that’s keeping us alive is LUCK. And that scares me to death.

Here, where a few years ago newborn babies burned in a state maternity, we expect club owners to respect the law and us, their customers? We expect authorities to ensure and assure that the law is respected?  Are we that naive? Yes, we are, or better yet we were…me included. I thought in my stupidity that I’m safe, that there are rules that for sure are applied. I mean, you don’t play with people lives, do you?

This world has gone crazy…

Church representatives almost being happy for what happened, religious people who have never understood what God is all about saying, that this is a punishment for listening to rock music. Are you people completely insane?! The one thing you’ve never understood is that the first place you should try to find God is in your heart. He is that close. For those of you smart enough I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about, for the others, I’m not even going to waste my time explaining it.

Today, if I want to go anywhere, from the supermarket to the Opera, I have to worry about being burned to death.

Today, if I have to book an airplane ticket, I have to worry not just about weather conditions, possible technical problems with the plane, but also that the pilot might have a bad day and feels he wants to commit mass suicide. I have to worry that some lunatics may put a bomb on the plane, hijack it, or better yet, why not shoot the plane down. Who gives a shit about people lives anyway?

Today I have to worry about being shot while shopping in a supermarket, while visiting a museum, while having fun in my holiday. There are countries where parents fear about their children lives while dropping them at school, because some other crazy one might have a bad day and feels like going “hunting”.

Religious fanatics fighting other fanatics, religious or not, starvation, mistakes after mistakes that cost lives, not just ours, but also the lives of the ones who haven’t even been born. Meanwhile, the good ones live in fear, that every day they can lose something or someone. This world has gone crazy…

These last few days, I understood that SAFETY is dead. No one is safe, no matter where you are.


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