One simple style trick that does wonders to your look

    One of the most simple and effective style tricks is the smart use of belts. You were expecting something fancy, right? Maybe a secret that only stylists know… 🙂

    No such thing! This post is about belts, what we do with them and what they are good at.

    Belts are a great way to emphasize, draw attention to or away from something you want to hide.

    They should not miss from your wardrobe. If you want to talk about must-haves, well, belts are must-haves (and I rarely use ‘must-have’).

    How and why we should wear them?

    Besides the obvious fact that they can keep your pants from falling down (if that’ s the case) to just because they look great, they help you shape your body and in many cases add that extra style element that is needed to create what we all call ‘a cool outfit’. Even more important, they help creating the hourglass shape and they make you look slimmer, by emphasizing the waistline.

    They are also great at adding shape to a loose dress. A large longer sweater can easily become a dress perfect for the winter season. I should know, because I constantly use them to do just that. In fact, I use belts most of the time, on almost everything, from t-shirts, dresses, skirts, shirts, sweaters or coats.

    How do you do it?

    First of all, you need to own a few thin belts (around 1 cm in width), at least one about 3 cm wide, and at least one about 6 cm. I’m not a big fan of too wide belts, to be honest, almost not a fan at all, because they work only on some types of clothes, some types of bodies, and at some events.

    The ‘rule’ is that if you’re thin, the best belt is also thin, if you’re curvy, than you can wear a  wider belt. That rule is also incomplete, as it also has to do with type of fabric, type of clothing, style. For example, use thinner belts on thinner clothes and wider ones on thicker clothes, like jackets or coats.

    The most interesting and not so common use of belts is on jackets, coats, sweaters, evening dresses.  These ones I chose for you are great examples on how and on what to wear them, and after reading this article all these examples will make a lot more sense now.


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