Winter Wedding Wonderland (part 2)

    I was telling you a few days ago about an event dedicated to winter weddings. The majority of us, including myself, rarely think of a wedding during winter, and most of the times we imagine sunny skies, warm weather, lots of flowers and strapless dresses, maybe a green garden for the ceremony or reception. I for example, wouldn’t have even conceived my wedding to take place in winter, and it didn’t, because I’m literally shivering below 20 degrees.  It took place on July 31st, mid summer, no clouds in sight and almost 40 degrees outside. I was jubilating, as I’m blooming when  it’s so warm.  My husband and probably lots of our guests secretly cursed the hot weather and thanked God for air conditioning.

    I’m not going to say that I regret we tied the knot in summer, but I will tell you, that after reading this article, a winter wedding might just seem to be the perfect choice for you.


    Dresses: Bella Sposa

    Winter definitely has its beauty & glam, and I personally know a few people who really love it.  A wedding in winter most often will be inspired by the season, and the decorations will somehow evoke the kingdom of ice. It’s the season when white looks best, and the reception place can look like a Disney fairytale. It doesn’t have to be all snowflakes and Christmas trees, as you can still play with flower decorations, and elements that you like and would use if the wedding would be in spring. With the right touches, the wedding can go from cozy elegance to modern glam fairytale.


    Before anything, winter wedding has its disadvantages for sure, but also some advantages that you might not have considered before.

    1. No one will sweat and faint from heat. 🙂

    2. You’ll have more options for the place of the reception, you have a better chance to have the wedding in that date you want, as there’s not an abundance of winter weddings. Yet!

    3. Having more options also translates in lower costs and we all like the money in our pockets. Pretty much everything will have a lower price, as it’s still considered outside the wedding season.

    4. Super Prices for wedding dresses. You’ll find a lot of dresses at sales, or even go to wedding fairs organized especially for sales. Also, most of wedding shops will have more time to dedicate to you, you’ll be able to try on more dresses, and even the sales assistants will be more patient.

    5. Photographers, videographers, flowers, decorations, invitations and all other services now have lower prices. Also, it will be so much easier to contract the service from that particular company you really wanted in the day you want to. In mid wedding season, if you don’t start planning with many months before the event, there are little chances to contract who you want in the day you want to.

    There are lots of advantages as I’ve just told you, but also some things you have to know before deciding to have your wedding in winter. Some may consider them disadvantages, some opportunities and just mild obstacles.

    1. Cold… For you, the bride, this translates into the need to buy a proper jacket, cape, fur coat or anything else to keep you warm. Freezing for the sake of fashion is a big mistake (stupid), and feeling sick at your wedding is out of the question. Don’t play with your health, no matter what.

    2. Slippery ground. Ice, cold and humidity are not your friends when you’re walking in high heels. Either you choose something else for your walks outside or you are EXTREMLY careful. Everybody else should be too. Broken bones at the wedding are not fab at all.

    3. Light. As we all know it, winter days are shorter, nights are longer, for you it means you have to schedule your photo/video session earlier, to make the most out of the daylight. That doesn’t mean the night photos won’t look great too. On the other hand, getting darker earlier will make the reception place look amazing.

    4. Dirt. Winter is definitely  not a friend of  long dresses, but it’s not something that can’t be solved,      just an extra thing to take care of.

    5. Really bad weather. A winter wedding is perfect as long as  you don’t get a snow storm. You’ll probably have to adapt and move everything in one place.

    So girls, is winter wedding appealing for you?


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