Jewelry are a girl’s best friend…

    They say [pull_quote_center]Diamonds are a girl’s best friend[/pull_quote_center]

    but I say

    [pull_quote_center]Jewelry are a girl’s best friend, regardless it has diamonds or not.[/pull_quote_center]

    Thank God there are other beautiful options because my husband would have gone bankrupt long before he would have even become my husband. :)) And for me, size & design matter, so I would always appreciate a bigger stone with little value than a small expensive diamond, a more interesting design than a simple tiny pricey piece; but this is just a matter of personal taste… If you can have both, you won the jackpot, but if you’re more like me, than you’ll probably like what I have to show you today.

    When it comes to choosing jewelry, there are 2 types of brides, since this article is more for them than anyone else: the one in search for classic timeless pieces, and the ones who want the WOW factor.

    For both of them, I found Borealy.

    If your searching for the wow factor, check out these ear cuff earrings that are so in style now…

    or this Great Gatsby headband tiara:

    Now, when choosing jewelry, there are always 3 things you need to consider, regardless you are a future bride or not:

    1. Your taste, your wishes, your style… Needs no other explanations.
    2. The style of the dress and the occasion. The one thing you have to keep in mind: a simple dress can be paired with bigger, “brighter”, complicated, statement jewelry, as a more detailed dress will have to be balanced by simple pieces.
    3. Equilibrium… I just love this word.

    Never use more than 2 statement pieces and never close to each other; you can find more info on how to wear statement jewelry here.

    If the necklace is the statement piece, than the earrings must be tiny simple ones.


    You can use rings, necklace, earrings & bracelet at the same time if they are all very simple pieces.

    As a bride, resist the urge to use every single shiny piece of jewelry you can find, plus a tiara, with the excuse that “a bride must shine” or “I’m allowed because I’m the bride”. I have seen too many brides “shining” so bright that it hurt my eyes. Being the bride is no excuse for bad taste.

    Never forget this sexy word, “Equilibrium”, the key to look stylish, feel amazing and live beautifully.

    Photos: Borealy

    Kiss Kiss,


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