Illesteva, reinterpreting the classics

    This brand is a new discovery for me, and since I discovered to be quite a cool one, I thought you should find out about it too. Illesteva is a sunglasses/eyeglasses company, founded in 2010, whose products are designed in New York, but handmade in Italy, in family-owned and operated factories.  This handmade manufacturing process caught my attention, since I think the handmade products have more soul. Even more, each pair of Illesteva glasses begins with customized color-ways blended by hand, meaning that no two pair have the exact same pattern.

    Leonard Horn with Green BannerIllesteva 1

    The designers envisioned a collection that allowed them to mix classic shapes with contemporary materials. The classic shapes were reinterpreted to give them a modern look.

    Illesteva 2Illesteva 6Illesteva 5

    I don’t know if you noticed, but it’s such a trend now, or better yet a very good business strategy 🙂 , to launch new collections in partnership with different celebrities. Illesteva is no different, so their collaborations with musician Lou Reed, Zac Posen or model Jourdan Dunn raised a lot of interest in the brand. And these are just a few of them. The strategy paid off, so now Illesteva is a cool young brand that we like.

    IllestevaIllesteva mood

    If you too like what you see, check their website to discover where you can find them. In Romania, they are available in OPTIblu store on Radu Beller Street.

    Photos: Illesteva, Optiblu

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