Anything you need to know on lash extensions and a surprise contest for you

    A few days ago I was telling you on my FB page that I decided to try on lash extensions. A friend of mine has them for a few months now and I really love how beautiful and natural they look. I’m really ok with my natural lashes, but the thought of having longer and fuller lashes, without the need of mascara was just too impossible to ignore.

    So, last week I did it. Diana (from Lash UP) made the dream happen for me, and she explained everything I needed to know about the whole process and how to take care of them, and now I’ll try to give all the info you might need to know if you ever thought about lash extensions.

    We took the pictures with no eye makeup so you can see how the lashes trully look.


    First of all, you should know that the whole process of putting lash extensions can take from 2 up to 3 hours. During this time, you’ll sit back with your eyes closed and enjoy a good talk, or just a good sleep. The less you talk, the faster it will happen :). Your lash-stylist needs to concentrate on what she is doing, as she is actually adding an extension to almost every lash you naturally own.

    Should I try lash extensions? At least once in your life time. 🙂 Now that I have them ….well, I’ll give you one important reason: you will be happier, every day and every time you’ll look in the mirror.

    Does it hurt during the procedure? No, it does not. The only thing you have to do is to keep your eyes closed for the entire process.

    Will I feel them? Nope, you won’t feel anything strange, they won’t feel heavier and you’ll just feel like they are your own.

    Can I wear makeup? Of course you can, but you’ll need to adjust your technique a little bit, as they kind of stand in your way. 🙂 You’ll also get use to this fast.

    Can I wear mascara? You can, but the brush could potentially pull on your lashes and cause them to be damaged or removed.  If you really want to, just avoid waterproof mascara and only apply it at the tips of lashes. Anyway, you’ll discover you don’t need any mascara once you’ve got these!

    Will they fall and when? Since each lash extension is attached to a single eyelash, they do fall out naturally along with the natural growth cycle of each lash. You’ll have to go at the salon every 3-4 weeks for some retouch.

    Will my natural lashes be damaged in any way? As I’ve heard, this is the biggest myth of all. The specialists say that it will not affect your lashes in any way, as they grow and fall as they did before. The myth comes from the fact that you get used to this length, and when you take them of, you’ll feel like your natural ones are so tiny and rare. It’s just an optical illusion, and in a few days you’ll get used to yours again.


    The rules of wearing them…

    1.Don’t get them wet for about 48 hours. That means no sauna, no swimming, no working out, no washing your hair (do it before the procedure), no makeup near the lashes, but it’s ok to wash your face and take a shower carefully without splashing water over your lashes. It sounds worse than it actually is. It’s totally doable, and the wonderful thing about lash extensions is that you don’t feel the need for a lot of makeup anymore.

    2. Be careful with removing your makeup. Use makeup wipes, or do it like me: I use a cotton pad for the rest of my face and a cotton bud to get closer the lashes. Avoid anything too creamy or oil based products too close to the lashes, as they will fall faster. I use micellar water from Bioderma.

    3. Brush them every day. You’ll receive a special brush from your lash-stylist and you’ll brush them like you would apply mascara, to maintain a perfect look.

    4. Don’t rub your eyes too often or too harsh, as they’ll fall down faster.

    5. Don’t pull them, as you’ll pull your own lashes too.

    6. In time, you’ll lose some of them, so if they start to look strange, or you’ll have gaps between the long lashes, until you get to your appointment, just cut some of that length to bring them close to the length of your natural lashes and add mascara.

    Until now, I have found one problem with the lash extensions: they are addictive! Once you see yourself with long lashes, it’s so hard to imagine yourself without them. But, as I will wear them, I will tell if I discover something else.

    I will have to thank Diana from Lash UP who did an amazing job with them and explained everything in detail. Diana, a lash extensions lover herself, after having extensions for a year, decided to learn how to do it, and she is now a professional lash-stylist and a makeup artist.

    If you’ve ever dreamed about long lashes, less time for makeup, and feeling happy every time you look in the mirror, this Lash UP giveaway will be your gift for yourself. Because Women’s Day is not too far away, because spring seems to be here already, we have 3 prices for 3 lucky girls:
    1. Free Lash Extensions by Lash UP
    2. Voucher with – 30% on Lash Extensions by Lash UP
    3. Voucher with -15% on Lash Extensions by Lash UP

    The contest is dedicated to women living in Romania, that can come to Bucharest for lash extensions. The price on one session of lash extensions costs 170 lei.

    The winners will be chosen with

    Answer this question:

    How do you think you’ll FEEL with lash extensions?

    and you can win one of the 3 prizes. You can answer in english or romanian.

    What you need to do in order to participate?

    1. Leave a comment on the contest’s FB page with the answer to the above question
    2. Like Lash UP Facebook page
    3. Like the UrbanDiva Facebook page
    4. SHARE this contest on your public FB page

    The contest will end on February 26th.

    Good Luck Divas!

    Photos: Sebastian Bacioiu Photography

    This contest is closed and the winners are:

    1. Raluca Dumitrescu
    2. Ecaterina Adriana
    3. Ruxandra Iacob

    Congrats girls! Enjoy your new long & full lashes…

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