How I lost 10 Kg and never put it back again (Part 1)

    No, I didn’t become a nutritionist, nor a health expert, not even a trainer, but I do have some experience to share on the matter. Plus, most of the women I met had at least one moment in their lives when they desired to lose some weight and a few extra info won’t hurt anyone.  So, if there are among you some that want to see the weight gone, I have 2 news for you: one is good and the other one not so much, but you’ll have to read the following. :))

    Recently I read an article – “Why you shouldn’t exercise to lose weight, explained with 60+ studies” that I found fascinating (Thanks Adelina for sharing it), especially because I kind of felt it myself, but couldn’t say it out loud, because there was nothing to back it up. Everyone is talking so much about exercise to lose weight, or to stay in shape, or just exercise to be able to eat a slice of cake at lunch 🙂 (Put the cake down if you haven’t been to the gym this morning! :P) , that it kind of felt awkward to say I lost weight with no exercise…because I hate the gym, I tried it and hate it. I felt exhausted after each session and secretly hated my aerobics trainer. Every time I walked out of there I felt sad because I was sweating but with no real results and I felt the need to eat an entire cake right then. So, I stopped doing that, because it was obvious it wasn’t for me. I do appreciate everyone who can and who is doing it on regular bases.

    I’m not saying you shouldn’t exercise, I’m just saying you shouldn’t do it just to lose weight or just to be able to eat a lot of sugar and junk food after. It won’t work…Sport is great for health and that should be the main reason you’re doing it. Losing some weight, or just keeping your weight at the same level is just a bonus.

    So, the good news is that in order to lose weight you don’t necessary have to exercise. 🙂

    But, yes, there is something you should do, the weight won’t just disappear overnight. And that is eat less. That’s the bad news :). I will explain though how to make it bearable.

    This will be a 2-parts article, because it would’ve been too long and I know you are busy, but the next part will be about how I actually did it in a healthy way and  most importantly, how I managed to stay the same in the last 13 years with no diet.

    But do read the article “Why you shouldn’t exercise to lose weight, explained with 60+ studies”, because my experience will make a lot more sense.

    See you soon.

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