A while ago I was telling you about my hunt for the perfect silver oxford shoes and how you could wear them too. Well, I decided on the ones from Etienne, a young Romanian brand, for 3 main reasons:

 1. This silver shade is gorgeous, the perfect silver for everyday wear, enough for my shoes to get noticed, but not too shiny to reflect the sunlight 🙂

2. The pointed modern style

3. Neither too classic, nor too sporty, but somewhere in between.

So here they are:


and they are perfection, beautifully made, with all the attention to the details needed to make them perfect…for me, of course.


I wore them with leather pants, like in these photos, I wore them with a pencil skirt and black 80 den tights and I wore them with boyfriend jeans. They looked great every time. You’ll probably see me wearing them a lot in the future too, with all kinds of different outfits…I promise to take photos.

Gia_theurbandiva2016-7blg Gia_theurbandiva-2blg Gia_theurbandiva-12ba Gia_theurbandiva-15blg Gia_grey-16blg

These photos are all in black and white simply because I was all dressed in black & white anyway, so don’t think you’re missing out on any color. I really feel good in this black – white – grey combination so I wear it a lot. My husband always teases me on this subject, as he is all about colors, and me all about non-colors, with one exception: pink.

Talking about my husband, the shirt I’m wearing it’s actually his, and soon you’ll read an article about how to wear your man’s shirt, how to adapt it to your body, because most of the times, the sleeves are longer and the collar many times taller or bigger than it should. I wanted to shoot some pictures just with the shirt, but it was so cold outside that I was already making “the cold dance” as I call it. 🙂


But I have one tip for you regarding the collar: use 2 small brooches to pin down the collar, like I did here. I will explain this technique soon in a dedicated article, along with other ideas on how to make his shirt your own (not just steal it from his closet) :).


In my next article though, I will teach you how to transform a long sweater into a short sweater and vice-versa, like I did here, so you’ll have 2 options with the same piece of clothing. (I just love it when I can do that).

So, see you next time,


Photos: Sebastian Bacioiu Photography

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