When amazing design teaches us a lesson about success and how to obtain it

    Have you ever wondered what makes great design great? What attracts you to it, what makes you love it, want it, pay for it? Design is everywhere you look, in the buildings you work, in your home, where you shop and what you shop. Is on your feet, in your phone, on your body, in your hand or on your hands, where you sleep and in what you eat.  I cannot imagine life without design, in all its forms and all its different kinds of beauty. That’s why I love it and that’s why I share it with you. In all this ocean of design there are some that are simply amazingly beautiful, that seem to attract the majority of people and without a doubt have found a secret recipe to success. What makes them so great and so desirable?

    It’s quite simple when you think about it: it’s how they make you feel, the story they tell. And yes, it’s that great idea combined with functionality, craftsmanship and ingenuity. As simple as it sounds, in reality though, a mix of all these is not easy to obtain.

    There’s a London based creative design company that every time it designs a product they have a benchmark that it should be worthy of winning a design award. They have won over 25 international design awards. And that is pretty amazing! Imagine you would go to work tomorrow and tell yourself: “How can I make my project worthy of an award in my field, how can I make my work so meaningful that I could receive a prize for it?” That’s the recipe to worldwide success…this way of thinking is what makes great even greater. 

    Now, in case you are wondering how their products look, I will show you my favorite ones.  It’s a collection of home accessories inspired by the Fibonacci spiral that is close to ideal proportions (the golden ratio), an ideal we meet throughout nature, an ideal that looks balanced and attracts the human eye. It’s what we all call beauty. 🙂 So, if you feel the urge to buy them, don’t worry, it’s a whole science behind them that explains your sudden desire 🙂 And you would be right to do it.

    obiecte lucrate manual

    The collection is called Loop Maison. The brand: Black+Blum. This collection is about simplicity, perfection of lines, minimal and elegant aesthetics, and all these makes them timeless and allows them to suit any interior. They are all handmade, each and every one of them. There’s a sexiness  of these curves, and the fun part about them is that they look different viewed from different angles. Like us women… maybe it was the women who inspired the 2 designers behind the brand in the first place, and then they just took it to the next level and made them about perfection. Men… 🙂

    colectia loop maison_a

    vaza calla loop

    Calla Loop flower vases

    Another cool thing about them is that you can link them together to create an unique new product. For a longer table, you can use as many as you need to create a longer gorgeous design of your own. You can do that with the T-Loop candle holders,  the Calla Loop flower vases or the Loop candlesticks.

    sfesnic satin loop

    Loop Candlesticks

    suport lumanari

    T-Loop candle holders

    Now we understand a little bit more of what makes great design so great and how you win awards, isn’t it?

    Their products are sold worldwide, and in Romania you can find them at iLUX.ro. You can read a lot more info about them here (for Romania). They will surely make someone very happy to receive them as a gift especially if you tell them the whole story. So, you can offer them if your friend is getting married because for the most perfect moment she/he needs a perfect object, or just a special anniversary, maybe as a gift for new home(they will work with any home design), as an Easter or Christmas gift and why not as a gift to yourself.

    suport fructe (2)-down suport solnite 3-side

    So simple and yet a complicated design, versatile, unique, science combined with art to create pieces we use on daily basis, that tell a story… ours. That’s why we love design, that’s why we want it, that’s why we pay for it. 🙂

    PS. I just found out that iLUX has a promotional offer for this collection, so if you purchase a Black+Blum product until May 1st, you will receive as a gift the Loop napkin rings. Good to know, right? 🙂

    inele servetele

    Stay tuned for more gift ideas, beautiful design and stories worth telling,


    Photos: iLUX

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