Out of the box gifts, at Made in Ro #7

    Lately, it’s been all about chasing cute, cool, original, different, perfect gifts for Christmas. I showed you lots of good ideas on my blog and on my Facebook page. Since I believe in small businesses of local talents, I support every store or event that promotes Romanian designers.

    This weekend, an abundance of Christmas Fairs will take place, all over the country and probably all over the world. Out of all the fairs that take place during one year, the ones dedicated to Christmas definitely have a special vibe. I love to visit them even if I don’t have anything to buy, just because the atmosphere is amazing, the projects interesting and it’s always nice to discover something new, that you can buy when you need it to.

    So, this weekend, I invite you all to take a tour in the local Christmas fairs, enjoy a hot wine, good coffee and tea, and at least look around and admire the hard work of designers.

    Yesterday I was telling you about Dizainar, its Fair and the one from Arcub – Gabroveni Inn (Bucharest). Today, I want to tell you about one of my favorite fairs, “Made in Ro” #7 organized by Designist. A lot of the projects you read about on my blog were discovered at Made in Ro, now at its 7th edition, and every time, the selection of projects is impeccable.


    Under the slogan, “Buy Local, Get Magic” (which I absolutely love) the event gathers more than 55 Romanian designers from all over the country, some new entries, some old friends, with old and new projects. The wonderful thing about these fairs is that most of the time you get to meet the designers and find out from them the story behind their products. Most of these products have stories, and they’re not just en-gros products. They are part of small collections or even unique pieces, done with care most of the times by their own hands.

    Some of the most interesting new projects this year are:

    Ceramic Candle House  (by Ceramic Sparrow)

    Ceramic Sparrow - casuta ceramica cu lumanare

    Dare to Rug –  modern rugs inspired by old traditions and Romanian motifs

    Dare to Rug - covor romanesc cu design contemporan

    Pointer – a different kind of wine glasses

    Ramona Enache - set de pahare de vin Pointer - mentiune speciala Red Dot Design Award

    Albe Mushrooms kitchen containers (by Ubikubi) – because you love your kitchen

    Ubikubi - set Albe - recipiente pentru bucatarie

    but there are so many more to discover, as in hundreds of objects.

    Everything you need to know about the event is right here, on the dedicated event’s page.

    See you there!

    Photos: courtesy of Designist.ro


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