This June we went on vacation to 2 super locations right here in Romania…Erica included.

First stop – Acacia Village

We spent 3 amazing days near Bucharest, at Acacia Village. This place is paradise, both for children and parents, and it’s only half an hour drive from Bucharest. It was the second time we’ve been there, and because everything was so perfect, I wanted to tell you about it.

IMG_6953IMG_6955Acacia Village_june2015-37b

The place is an oasis of relaxation, with a lake designed for swimming and another one especially for fishing, sun-beds, a playground for kids with sand, a sports field, mini-golf, games room, bowling, indoor swimming pool, outside whirlpool, sauna, orchard, gardens, all sorts of playgrounds for children, bikes for everyone and a farm that you can visit with your children. There’s always something you can do, no matter if it’s sunny or rainy outside. Food is made with natural, local ingredients from the farm.  From the moment you enter the place, the rest of the world just shuts down. We slept in a bungalow, and it was the most amazing feeling to get up in the morning and see this…

Acacia Village_june2015-35b

Acacia Village_june2015-4bAcacia Village_mai2016-14bEri_acacia_2016acacia_village_2016

The lake was just in front of the porch and all our friends were sleeping in bungalows near ours. The feeling of fresh cut grass under your feet, the smell, the silence… everything is simply amazing.

Acacia Village_mai2016-24

Second stop – Vama Veche

For those of you who never experienced Vama :), well, it’s a place where you can feel freedom. Vama is about being yourself, about not caring what others think, about expressing who you are and about not judging anyone. Or at least this is how I see it. You’ll see all sorts of people there, from families with kids to teenagers, from young people to old ones. It’s a place for everyone, as Vama doesn’t care who you are, how rich or how poor, how fancy or not, how well dressed or not. Vama can seem rough, but it has its own special charm and it’s one of those few places where you can get out at night and party on the beach with your kid. I guess you’ll have to see it to fully understand what I mean. I saw small children sleeping in their strollers while parents where dancing right next to them (at Stuf).

You can find accommodation from 1 star or less :)) to 4 star hotels. We took Erica to a 4 star hotel – Elektra. The place had everything you could ask from a 4 star hotel, minus a children’s playground.  The hotel was not designed for families with small children, but because more an more parents choose Vama as a holiday destination, the hotel staff told us that a playground will be added soon. The food was very very good and we ate almost all our meals there. Hotel Elektra is a great location that we now totally recommend, for a taste of luxury on a not so luxurious summer destination.



Photos: Sebastian Bacioiu Photography and me

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