The 2016 wedding season is almost over, and this is the time when most wedding shops bring in the new collections for the following year. This happens whether they are multi-brand or designer’s shops. So, if you take a look on the websites of the biggest names in the industry, you’ll see that the collections for 2017 are already there.

Now, you already know that if you’re getting married, it is recommended that you start “hunting” for the perfect dress with 6-10 months before the wedding. This will give you some time to visit a few stores and also enough time to order and receive your dress. Don’t forget to take into consideration the fact that you may need some last minute alterations. So, this explains why the new collections are already in stores or about to be in the next month.

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I’ve recently visited a multi-brand store in Bucharest and I saw the new collections of some of the most known brands in the world. Vera Sposa is the shop and in its portfolio you’ll find brands like: Demetrios, AIRE Barcelona, La Sposa, San Patrick, White One and Avenue Diagonal. So, even if it’s a local shop, the brands are known and present worldwide and you’ll probably find them in your country.

I took a closer look to all these collections and I have found 4 styles that I liked and would recommend for 2017.

1.  Full skirt/train over a mermaid dress

For brides who cannot decide between a mermaid dress and a princess cut, this is the perfect mix, and believe me, it looks spectacular. It’s probably my favorite style of all. The skirt-train it’s most of the times detachable, and it allows you to dance and have fun at the wedding without the constrains of a full dress. This detachable train it’s not a new idea, but it has evolved from that classic train caught at the back to a more skirt-like one, starting at the front of the dress. It’s the best of the 2 styles, so practically, you have 2 dresses in one, not just a mermaid with a train.


AIRE Barcelona



2. Whites on nudes

It’s a game of transparencies that makes the white/ivory lace look really sexy. To make the lace look like it’s on bare skin, the lining must have a nude shade, as similar as possible to your own skin.

demetrios-2017-3 demetrios-2017-2 demetrios_nude3


3. Focus on the back

This “trend” it’s so present in almost every wedding collection that I have seen, and not just on these ones from Vera Sposa. There’s almost no collection without these “jewelry” backs, so if you choose one like this, ask the photographer to take lots of pictures from behind, as you will want to remember it.  Plus, if you decide to wear a long veil at the ceremony, you’ll probably have to take it of after, as the whole idea of the dress will be lost.

demetrios-2017-back demetrios_back aire-barcelona-2017-cache-a-side aire-barcelona-2017-cascabel-a-side

4. Airy Beach Style

Easy, comfortable, airy and elegant…these are the main features of the perfect beach wedding  dress. I found 2 at Vera Sposa from the AIRE Beach Collection that I find extremely delicate and beautiful.


For the future brides in Romania, Vera Sposa will host a Galia Lahav trunk show between 25 – 27 November 2016 in their store (Bucharest), meaning the dresses will be in store only on those 3 days.  It’s a unique opportunity to see the collection, to try the dresses and to make an order for a Galia dress. For more information, just follow Vera Sposa and they will let you know how and when you can register for the trunk show.



Photos: Vera Sposa

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