Creative Est Market or where to be this weekend

If you’re in Bucharest on October 15 -16, than you should definitely enjoy a few hours of creative time at Creative Est.

Creative Est is a regional festival celebrating creative industries in Eastern-Europe, a great initiative meant to become a wonderful destination for discovery, learning and of course networking.This year, the festival is dedicated to

“exploring how design, fashion, art and technology can shape our cities and boost the quality of our urban life“

and will host workshops and talks on this subject.

creative est 2016

As Bucharest is one of the most “creative” European cities with 12% of its workers having jobs in creative industries, a festival dedicated to them was so much needed. The festival, now at its second edition, started on October 10th with a series of related workshops.  The main event of the festival, where everyone is invited is the Creative Est Market, that will take place at “Industria Bumbacului”, a former textile factory transformed into a creative complex, hosting also NOD Markerspace and Gastrobar. The complex is located on Splaiul Unirii 160.


What you’ll see there?

Creativity at its best, of course! 🙂

In other words, some of the best art, fashion, technology, design artisans and artists from Eastern Europe will show their products or concepts and yes, there will be good food too. And good coffee.


If you need more informations on how to get there, the exhibitors, the festival’s agenda or the food market, just visit the dedicated website. 

Sadly, really sadly I will be out of town and won’t be able to be there, but I’m counting on you to let me know how it was. I’m pretty sure it will be great as I know some of the people who are part of this project and they are passioned professionals.

Have a great weekend and great fun!


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