About a wedding, my outfit and her dress…

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine got married in a beautiful place, the “Maldar’s Mansion”, near Horezu, Romania. The location is a very old aristocratic mansion, with that boyar charm of old-fashioned Oltenia. You can’t really stay there and not be impressed by the beautiful rooms with authentic historic furniture, so much that you can almost feel how it must have been to live every day in a place like that.

The wedding itself wasn’t big, as the bride and groom wanted to share that special day with their family and closest friends. We all started to arrive at the mansion Friday evening, so we kind of began to celebrate  that night, we continued Saturday with the traditional wedding and,  of course, we all left Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t just a wedding, it was a holiday between friends in a very beautiful & peaceful place, to celebrate the love of our dearest friends.

For this particular wedding, I wasn’t just the guest, but also the bride’s stylist, and Sebi (my husband) was also the photographer. Since I’ve worked so many years as a wedding dress designer, it was perfectly natural to help her find the perfect dress to match her style, the wedding theme and the place.  Since Sebi is also a professional photographer, it was their wish that he would take the wedding photos.


My outfit…

For the dress, we visited a few showrooms that we previously selected. The bride wanted a simple   and an easy to wear dress, so she tried on a few styles, starting with a soft A-line and column dress. She tried on a ball gown once, just to see how it looks, and even if it looked spectacular, it wasn’t what she dreamed of. About 3 months before the wedding, we visited a Wedding Fair, and we stopped at the Divine Atelier, as I had a pretty good idea that their style is something that she might like. We saw several dresses we liked and she tried them on, but the dress that I loved was Ava (from the Nostalgia Collection). The moment she put it on, it looked amazing. For me, it was  the perfect dress for her, it suited her body very well, it was light-weighted, matched the aristocratic feel of the wedding and it had that wow factor. It was’t a column, nor an A-line, not too fluffy either, but a perfect mix of everything the bride liked in all the different dresses she had tried before.

We took some pictures and then we sat for a coffee and discussed every single one of the dresses she tried on. We looked at the pictures, we analysed what suited her and what not, but the one that we both agreed it stood out was the AVA dress…. and AVA she wore at the wedding.

I have to admit that I liked being a stylist again, so much so that soon I’ll be launching a stylist service for special events. I’ll tell you more about it in the near future…

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For future brides, what I want you to take from this article is that your wedding should be about what the 2 of you desire, no matter how many guests you want to have or the place of the event, the day will be just as important and beautiful. Trust your instincts, have patience when you search for  the wedding gown, think about what suits you and what not and let your heart decide. Trust the people you hire for advice (or don’t hire them at all), as she trusted the wedding planning agency that took care of all the arrangements – Imperioso Marriages. A relaxed bride is a beautiful bride, as Sebi captured in the wedding photos…

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PhotosSebastian Bacioiu Photography


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