I’m all for wearing white at the civil ceremony

I remember the months before our wedding when I had to decide what kind of dresses I wanted to wear. Back then, I was the one designing wedding dresses. Since everyone knew what I was doing for a living, imagine that they were all curious about my wedding dress.

I knew I wanted white from the very first moment, white for my wedding dress and white for my civil ceremony dress. There were some voices around me that questioned my decision for white at the civil ceremony, saying that I could go for a little bit of color. But for me there wasn’t a better place and a perfect moment to wear white than my wedding (ps. i love white… and pink) If I can’t wear white when I’m getting married, then when?

So, of course I went for white (I can be very stubborn when I really want something), and even better, I chose a ballerina style dress, made from soft tulle with dots. I loved that dress than and I still love it 5 years later, as I created it exactly as I dreamed it. I would wear it over and over again, but of course there’s the problem with where and when.



5 years ago..

Same dress, 2 months ago, photo shooting for Artmark

If this kind of style is something that suits you, I recommend it with all my heart. The style itself combined with the white color makes you feel pretty special.

Photos: biensavvy.ro

You won’t find in shops an abundance of dresses like mine, especially on white, but you can search for ballerina short dresses in any color, and just ask the designer to custom make one for you on white.

Whether you opt for a ballerina or any other style, a white dress at your civil ceremony guarantees that everyone will know who is the bride. 🙂



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