Technology is now an important part of our life, so important that we can’t even imagine how life would look without it. I’m not a very tech girl so I don’t get crazy when I see a gadget or anything similar. But when technology meets fashion, well that’s when I get excited. I love it when technology is not just useful, but also different and beautiful.

Recently I discovered 2 cool type of products that were created as a fashionable tech, but today I’ll tell about the first ones. They are both available at Sport Couture, in Baneasa Mall, Bucharest.

Let’s talk about the headphones and earbuds from Skullcandy.


Skullcandy wireless

If you are crazy in love with music and you can’t live without a big pair of headphones, than you’ll probably love those stylish wireless DJ headphones. Or if you’re crazy in love with music (like my husband :)) and want to listen with the volume to the max, but can’t because your kid is watching Mickey Mouse, these headphones will help a lot. If you’re a lady like me and reading this now, than you should know that this brand had us on their minds when they designed their products. They made them in colors and prints, in all sorts of sizes, so that us women will take into consideration the possibility to walk down the street with headphones on. 🙂 My personal favourite style of headphones are these Navigator ones, in pink of course :).

Skullcandy headphones navigator

As cool as these headphones are, my fav products from Skullcandy are those colourful earbuds, so tiny and cute. If you’re into sport, always active and on the go, you’ll discover a collection that will for sure satisfy all your needs, really comfortable, that also allows you to pick up calls while you’re running at the gym, after the bus, your kid or just running because you’re late. This is actually the secret of how I keep my body in shape without one hour at the gym: running late and running after my kid. I’m not saying you should do the same. 🙂

skullcandy wireless earbuds

I find those new wireless earbuds quite a must nowadays….for obvious reasons.

Damn it, I talked wrote too much again 🙂 and I know you have tons of stuff to do today too.

Bottom line, if you’re in need for this kind of products, go see Skullcandy products too, because I can bet you’ll like them too.

PS. I’m running late again right now. 🙂

Photos: Skullcandy

Kisses Divas,


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