“Easy” – Tammara Webber

    [pull_quote_center]Love is not the absence of logic
    but logic examined and recalculated
    heated and curved to fit
    inside the contours of the heart[/pull_quote_center]

    Some people say, ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’ and I totally agree! But there are moments when the cover makes you buy a book and read it from the first page to the last.


    ‘Easy’ is one of the few books that I’ve read because of the picture on the cover. A boy and a girl. A handsome boy, dark, rebellious, with some interesting tattoos. A delicate girl, shy, dreamy. Although this is a veritable teen lit, the story drew me in from page one. I thought I wasn’t into teenagers’ books until Tammara Webber revealed her story to me. She knew how to push my buttons, what words to use to tease the teen in me, and in all the readers that appreciate ‘Easy’. And there are lots of ‘Easy’ fans!

    The story has a strong beginning. An attempt to rape. A stranger who appears from nowhere and saves the girl. A secret. Jacqueline and Lucas meet in these unpleasant circumstances. He is the bad boy, at least he looks bad. On the other side, he is the one who saves her from the hands of some brute. He, Lucas, was following her for some time but kept his distance. She just ended a long term relationship and had a broken heart. These are small details that make us think of one single thing: we have a love story going.

    Lucas, the bad boy. Isn’t he what all the girls want until a certain age? A bad guy, a rebel who appears in their life, full of love and desire, to conquer them forever… Yeah. Teenagers dream a lot. Tammara Webber knew how to use this fact so they, young girls, be conquered by the story of Jaqueline and Lucas.

    I must confess that Lucas/Landon conquered me too. He conquered me with his green eyes, with his tattoos, with his dark and careless hair, with his concern for that girl who had never laid eyes on him before. He conquered me with all his secrets. Jacqueline was my voice, she asked all the questions that I would have asked, she fell in love like, you know, only a teenager could.


    The author created two strong characters, so sincere that it’s impossible not to fall in love with them. The secondary characters, especially the negative ones, are there to highlight this couple. And, if at the beginning Jaqueline was the victim, at the end, the situation is totally different. I was very proud of the girl, although I disapproved her silence, and I realized that I’ve learned an important self-defense lesson. Hopefully, I’ll never need it!

    I recommend you read ‘Easy’ by Tammara Webber. You could fall in love with this book. I invite you to be, once again, teenagers for about 300 pages. It’s a wonderful feeling!


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