Surviving your wedding – Chapter 4

    When my husband and I finally set the date for our wedding, we decided to announce the people we wanted to invite, even if we had a year ahead until we would actually tie the knot. In my opinion, this is actually quite an important step and often forgotten. That doesn’t mean you have to send the official invitations, but a phone call or an email will do the job.

    Nowadays, people have hectic lives and everything is being planned ahead… vacations, meetings, parties and especially weddings. So, even if you still have a long way to go, just announce everyone from the moment you decided to put them on your list, so they can add your event in their calendar and won’t be able to say “We are on vacation but we would have loved to be there for you” 🙂 Don’t worry, if they don’t want to come, they’ll find another excuse, but at least you’ve done your part.

    And if you have to announce it, do it with style. Here are some sweet ideas on how to do it:

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