The coat that became iconic

    I keep searching for the perfect coat, the one you can wear with absolutely everything… some kind of „little black dress” of coats. And here it is:


    Did you recognize it yet?

    Yes, it’s a BURBERRY. Surprise, surprise… The British label best known for its trench, has a warmer version of its iconic style, and it has won my heart.  I just fell in love with every detail and every stitch. Perfectly cut, it’s an investment that will keep you warm forever. It is unlikely to ever get out of style. And who cares if it does.  It’s a quality product that will last for quite some time. You may even grow old  with it…

    The one in the picture above is my favorite, and since it’s  December and miracles happen, I’ll put it on my wish list for Santa. 🙂 He knows I’ve been good this year…

    I’ve made a selection of other BURBERRY coats that you can wear with almost everything, and still in a timeless style. If a BURBERRY coat is not in your budget, just remember the style of these coats when you search for your perfect coat this winter. In the end, the style is the one that counts the most.

    See the entire BURBERRY collection here and if you find yourself in Bucharest (Romania) you can shop at their store in Luterana Street no 4.

    Kiss Kiss,


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    1. Interesting article. I also tried to find the perfect coat that you can wear in many situations. I reached having quite many coats in different colors, lengths etc. During winter, I prefer a coat that keeps very warm. So, I bought a fur coat with hood 🙂 It’s perfect for winter.
      The Burberry coat looks nice but I personally wouldn’t pay 1500 EUR for it. If this means to be a diva, I choose not to be one and take a nice but correct priced coat.

      • Hi Diana. Thanks for reading us and taking the time to leave a comment here.
        Burberry is famous for its trench and is a label with extreme quality products, with a clean design, a perfect cut and that’s why the price is that high. It doesn’t mean we should all be dressed in Burberry, and for sure it doesn’t mean that in order to be a diva you must wear expensive clothes. We believe in style, and style has nothing to do with the money you spend. No matter the budget, what everyone should take from this article is the style itself, the simplicity and the versatility. We are always inspired by the best designers of the world, and we should take the essence of their design, if we like it of course.

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