The Statement Accessory that Screams for Your Safety

    Imagine returning home one night, thinking over the ups and downs of the hard day you had at work, and all of a sudden, getting that impression you’re being followed. You lose your trail of thoughts. You look behind you and you see a stranger walking toward you, their pace getting faster. Two more seconds and his hand is on your purse, grasping it. And your phone is in the purse! What do you do?

    This is the type of situation Kat Alexander had in mind when she created the Siren Ring: “the world’s first personal alarm to blend seamlessly with the modern woman’s lifestyle.” “SIREN provides women with a stylish, reliable and safe alternative to conventional defense methods”, says Kat.

    Siren Ring is yet another wearable gadget that beautifully combines fashion and function – that function being the much needed personal security. Boasting a natural gemstone mounted on a metal base with antique finish, this ring is a statement accessory. And it makes a statement, all right: when you’re just inches away from a potential attacker, you just rotate the top of the ring 60 degrees counterclockwise into the locked position. In less than two seconds, the ring generates a piercing sound exceeding 110dB, unbearable for any person. And unlike other #fashiontech gadgets, it acts alone, without the need of a smartphone to alert people though a mobile app.

    Siren is the first gadget to use this technology, and it’s up for sale. Learn more about its features and availability from SIREN Ring: The Statement Accessory that Screams for Your Safety.

    The first time I saw the Siren Ring, I fell in love with it. Oh Santa, I’ve been good this year. 🙂

    What about you? Would you fancy one for Christmas?

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