Would you dare?

    Would you dare to wear a trench on bare skin? 🙂

    Some of us may have dreamed about doing it, but here is one girl who actually did this. Jourdan Dunn, the new image for Burberry’s Spring Campaign.  And she did it at the Burberry Men’s Collection presentation, in London. 


    Photo: Courtesy of Burberry

    It’s definitely an idea to think about, so if you’re brave enough go ahead and wear a trench as a dress. Now, don’t go to work dressed like this, so do take into consideration place and time of day. Even if you’re all covered up, there’s something about almost naked underneath a coat that screams sexy and naughty.

    It seems like she’s not the only one to have thought about the idea…


    Photo: Maritsa

    If this style appeals to you, take a look at the Burberry collection here (she did wear a Burberry), that you can also find in Bucharest at the flagship store on Luterana Street no 4.

    If a Burberry may be too much for your budget, there’s a wide range of trench coats in almost every retail company’ store. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one for you.

    Keep in mind the look and use it whenever you think it’s appropriate. You should make an entrance!

    If you think this look is too much for you, let’s see how can we wear the trench in a less provocative way. 🙂 You can style it with pretty much anything, from the classic jeans to a fancy outfit, from sneakers to high heeled shoes, from bare skin to any clothes you might choose. The style of the outfit will not be defined or changed by the trench. It’s just a beautiful jacket that won’t lose its value over time.

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    Photos: Pinterest (click on photo to see the source)

    One coat, so different styles, so many possibilities!

    Kiss kiss,



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