“Should I wear the color of the year?”

    Starting 2000, Pantone Color Institute reveals each year, the color they believe we will see on most collections, both in fashion and  beauty industry, or interior design.

    The color for 2015: Marsala. It’s a dark red brownish color, pretty easy to pair with other colors.

    [quote_center]“A naturally robust and earthy wine red, Marsala enriches our minds, bodies and souls.”[/quote_center]

    ..so they say! 

    Speaking of pairings, Pantone made it easier for everyone and gave us a guide:


    And if we are on the subject, let’s take a look at the Fashion Color Report Spring 2015 (Pantone), meaning these are the colors we will see in stores this spring.

    ss2015_pantone pastels_ss2015_pantone the blues - ss2015_pantone ss2015_pantone_1

    Photos source: Pantone

    Now that we know the trends, what do we do with it? Does it help us in any way? Does this mean that we need to have a piece of clothing in a Marsala tone? Are we out of fashion if we dress in red, for example?

    To answer this…

    …wear Marsala only if you like it and if it suites you (I probably won’t)

    …wear whatever color you like, no matter the season or the trends

    …the color report is just a guideline to show us what we will see in shops in the months to follow

    …the color report introduces us to different colors, and more important it gives us ideas on how to mix them

    So, because we will meet Marsala more this year, let’s see what we can do with it.

    It’s an earthy warm color, so it works best if your skin is more Mediterranean. If you have a lot of browns (earthy tones) in your wardrobe, then probably Marsala is going to look great on you.

    I think it works best with light blue, nudes, gray,  a greyish tone of lavender, as they are cool colors and they balance each other well.

    PS: Gray works with everything, including gray :)) So, if you don’t have something gray in your wardrobe, go ahead and buy at least a cardigan

    marsala mix

    items_marsala mix

    dress     cardigan     trench      hat       flats     nude shoes     bag

    marsala mix_blue

    items_marsala mix blue

    sweater     peplum top     pants     flats     bag

    marsala mix_blk

    Source for this photo here

    items_marsala mix 2

    [quote_left]Style Tip[/quote_left]  If you liked Marsala, but you know is not going to do wonders on your skin, you can still wear it as long as it’s not close to your face. Choose a pair of pants or a skirt.

    Kiss Kiss,


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